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EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol) is a network protocol that lets routers exchange information over a network.

protocol number - 88 , Multicast Address
Multicast Mac Address -  01-00-5E-00-00-0A

What is Distance vector?
You should read my previous post to know what it is.

Why EIGRP is called Distance vector Hybrid?

EIGRP Distance-vector properties include :

·     An EIGRP router only advertises its best route to its neighbour , not every route that is aware of .

Like OSPF has info of the whole topology that’s why Cisco recommends that you not have an OSPF area with more than 90-100 routers.

·      An EIGRP router does not have a complete map of the topology , it is only aware of what its neighbours have told it ( routing by rumour ) Good for organization with large amount of network.

EIGRP Link-state properties :

·         An EIGRP router does form neighbor relationships

·         Triggered updates. An update is only sent when a change in the topology occurs

EIGRP is a classless routing protocol meaning that it will forward it neighbors subnetmask to other neighbors

This bad boy provides load balancing. Could be manipulated in two ways either by changing the metrics or by using Variance.
will talk more about eigrp in the next post.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Distance Vector and Link State Difference?

I go through Quora when I'm trying to waste some time. One day i stumbled across this Interesting Question on it however. 

This Specimen was asking what the Difference between is between link state routing and distance vector routing.

Saw few answers there which are really in-dept and feels pretty overwhelming to read if you are just
getting into networking. However, i had a simple and brief answer for it.

Link to if you want to read rest of the Answers.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Cipher and Keys

A Cipher can also be called as an Algorithm about how to perform encryption and Decryption.
There are multiple methods how it can be done few of them are

Substitution – This uses different letter for a particular letter. meaning.
 'A' could be 'X'
(A is Cipherd to be X)

Poly alphabetic – This uses multiple letter for a particular letter (alphabet) Like for Example 
‘A’ – ‘DCE’
(A is cipher and is DCE)

Transposition – This rearranges the letters in different form

Example - “This is Secret”
(It's just jumbling of words)

What’s keys then?
Keys are somethings that are used to decry-pt these cipher Encryption.Which has be to know to both the Receiver and the Provider of the packet.

A one-time pad (OTP) is a good example of a key that is only used once.
if we want to encrypt a 32-bit message, we use a 32-bit key, also called the pad, which is
used one time only. The key in this case is the one-time use pad. The pad must also be known by the receiver if he wants to
decrypt the message.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

What is 'Control Plane traffic' and 'Data Plane traffic'?

Few months back when i started studying Networking i was Really Confused between
Control Plane traffic and Data Plane traffic.But here is an Easy Example on how i understood it.

Control Plane
- This traffic is generated between router to router, Now you must be thinking what kinda traffic is generated routers? if you have gone through any routing protocols you must remember they exchange lots of packets in order to form neighbor ship one of them is 'Hello' Packet it is generated by the router in order to stay alive among it neighbors. So this is Control plane traffic for you. Just remember if someone asks you this Control plane traffic is a traffic generated by a router to a router.

Now what's Data Plane then?

Data plane - Data plane is nothing but the Data generated by a user for a User  . Control plane is no way concerned to this.
That's it.

Again, My blog is not for someone who want's in-dept Information.

If you didn't find this explanation good then Read this Blog post by Brian McGahan.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

What is the Difference between 'Straight Cable' and 'Cross-over Cable'?

You Might have always heard the Term 'Straight cable' and 'Cross over cable' if you are networking student. I won't go into much details you can use Google for that purpose. But i'm here to tell you the major Difference between them.

Straight Cable - In Real life you will use this cable to connect two different devices. for example
PC to Router, PC to Switch or PC to Hub etc.

Cross-over Cable : This cable is use to Connect devices of which are the same. Like for example
PC to PC,  Router to Router , Switch to Switch and so on.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Who am I and what's this Blog about?

I am Shoeb Hussaini age 21 while typing this, An Average Indian College Graduate guy from India
Located in Hyderabad. The name of the Blog is named after me. So, it’s about me and a little bit about the life I live. I’m passionate about many things but out of all of them two things which I love most about is Motorcycles and Technology.  I’m not an Adventure lover but I do explore on my Motorcycles and enjoy every moment of it. When I comes to Technology I’m mostly into Networking,Custom Build PC’s and Android. That’s Enough info about me for a stranger like your-self.

Now what’s this Blog really about?
This Blog is going to contain Networking and Computer Related Stuff mostly written by me and Once in a while something about Motorcycles.

Specification of My PC :
Gaming pc burned. (Planning to Build a new one soon)
Laptop – AMD A10, 12gb RAM , 2gb ATI 7630M (Gets the Job done for now)

Motorcycle Owned:
KTM Duke 390 (2014) with some Performance mods.

Hero Impulse (2011) with some Performance mods.
KTM Duke 200 (2012) Sold.
Hero Hunk (2008)